Sunday, 9 January 2011


As parents we are programmed to want to protect our little ones.  Mummies in particular seem to have a strong ‘intuitive’ connection with their Children (we did do all the hard work after all)!

However I have a confession to make I’m a born worrier and whilst, with age I’ve learnt to handle this better I must admit when it comes to my family I still worry...A LOT.

I think this comes with having a 3year old that due to glue ear was ill at any given moment.  She was on more antibiotics that first year than I care to remember.  3 ear operations later (under general anaesthetic) the glue ear has still not been resolved.  According to the consultant ‘she keeps popping the grommets out like smarties’.

Those first 2 years it felt like I was on constant worry mode!  Mr P seemed to worry less and be much more matter of fact and logical about these things.  Whereas I’d worry about her getting ill, I’d worry when she was ill, and I’d worry about how many drugs we were giving her.  My worry was coupled with dread, anxiety and guilt.

It was at that point that I started to look at alternative treatments and home remedies, I mean after all what harm could it do? I was sick of giving her drugs that didn’t seem to work for more than 1-2 weeks. 

So that was when the germ warfare tactics began;

  • Steam baths (not environmentally friendly I know)
  • Olbas Oil placed in bowl of hot water
  • Manuka honey, lemon, ginger and turmeric powder
  • Vicks vapour rub on the soles of her feet (don’t laugh a pro-drugs pharmacist friend told me about this one & if it’s good enough for her kids its good enough for mine!)
  • Jack LaLanne Juicer is back out.  Apple, Lemon, Ginger and Grape for the ultimate vit c boost
  • Switched 3yo from cow’s milk to goats milk
  • Saffron infused into the milk (another tip from a friend which I figured couldn’t hurt)
  • Cranial Osteopath appointments, don’t ask me how it works but it’s supposed to help drain the mucous, keep fluid moving and prevent infections.  Sold to one paranoid mummy!
  • At home cranial massage techniques 2-3 times a week (this is Mr Ps job which is done with much raising of eyebrows!)
  • Homeopathic remedies (I know not everyone’s thing but trust me they seem to have worked for us) call me a fan.
  • Vitamin sweets with omega oil (they stink but she loves them).
  • Dr Udo’s infant powder blend easy to use good bacteria specifically designed for 0-5 year olds.

 More recently the stress of Swine flu & other horrible winter viruses have had me keeping Shivali off pre-school (after all there is plenty of time for her to become a genius).  Not only did I not want her getting it but I definitely did not want it anywhere near my newborn!

So, this winter we’ve kept both girls away from all germ infected friends and family.  Washed hands after being out, bought enough stock of antibacterial gel to last a lifetime and Dettol wiped toys once a week.

 So far this way of thinking has resulted in a healthier winter.  Shivali has had 1 bad throat infection (antibiotics had to be given) and a viral thing which passed within 3 days.  The rest of us touch wood have been pretty healthy.  My germ warfare list is long but if it keeps my family safe and germ free I’m all for it. 

So please don’t be offended if I ask you the state of your health before inviting you around, it really is not personal it’s just that I’m an over protective, paranoid wreck.  There I’ve said it.

Call me crazy but at this point I’m hoping more of you come forward to tell me that you too are paranoid parents.  If I’m on my own, then so be it as long as the kids are healthy I don’t really mind being the odd one out!


  1. I used to think the world was a safe place and i can remember being horrified when i bought Ben home from hospital because OMG everything looked so dangerous! I do not think, until that moment, that i had ever really experienced true fear.

    This fear has grown over the years with the arrival of the twins (2 babies to try and protect) and the dawning realisation that Ollie is destined to spend his life being the ultimate dare devil loon!

    When my kids were little the fear of illness was paramount. Trips to hospital with Ollie unable to breathe were all too common and my life felt like an endless round of doctors appointments, antibiotics, sleepless nights etc. I too adopted many of your germ warfare tactics in my ongoing battle to keep my babes healthy so you are not alone.

    I can say that this phase passes. Your children suddenly stop catching every passing germ and you will suddenly wake up one morning and realise that you are no longer on first name terms with the doctors receptionists, you do not permanently have a trail of snot across the shoulder and knees of every outfit you own and the same bottle of calpol will have been in your cupboard for, dare i say, months. Hard to believe i know!

    of course the fear doesn't subside ... it grows. Suddenly your children go out without you. They catch buses, they want to walk to the shop on their own, they make friends that you haven't chosen, they ski down mountains too fast and OMG the world is even more dangerous than i had thought ....... don't worry Chet, you are definitely not alone.

    Sazza xxx

  2. “so sex and the city…you are good! Well, we should rename it “Babes and the city”
    No sex please, we’re British!”
    Ah ah
    Loved it, will follow you, always!
    G x

  3. I have always been a bit of a terror when it came to diseases and germs....I have never understood how people travelling on the tube/trains/buses could be eating and touching all those buttons, doors, bars at the same time ....First thing I used to do when travelling by public transports was to wash my hands very carefully as soon as I was home...

    Nowadays, I avoid public transports as much as I can and as you being a mother have made me even more anal about germs!! I have constant battles with my nanny to make sure she washes her and my son's hands as soon as she is back home (or when she is out and about). It feels like such an obvious thing to do but yet so many people don't bother!

    The immminent arrival of my twins have made me even more worried about all those germs. London is full of swine flu and by the end of the week, i will have had the whole house vaccinated (the cat has been spared so far but I am keeping my eyes on him!). Despite those precautions, I am already worrying about visitors who are going to want to cuddle my two little ones and i am mentally keeping a list of who has been vaccinated and who has not....
    Silly, you may think, well not so sure....I went to the hospital where i am going to give birth and they are all on HIGH alert because of swine flu. Since Christmas, they have had 6 deaths: 2 babies (not in the maternity unit thanks god!), 4 toddlers (2 were perfectly healthy) and have lots of pregnant women on ventilators! And that is just 1 hospital in London! They are now imposing very strict restrictions!

    We have just recruited a maternity nurse and during the interview, I obviously asked her about swine flu and vaccination and her view on the whole thing.. Her answers were music to my ears, yes she had the jab, yes she wanted everybody to wash their hands before touching my babies and even for my 2 years old son to change his top as soon as getting home (as germs can spread on clothings too).... She got the job !!!!

    Keeping heathly and germ free can be difficult no doubt - especially nowadays but basic hygiene rules, combined with good Vitamins supplements should help (I use Sambucol and pro-biotics for my son and it's working well so far!) ...

    We can't protect our love ones from everything.. but we can try!

    Needless to say, I can't wait for the summer to come and for those germs to disappear....
    other worries will no doubt take over (sun protection, hydration ect...) but that's all together another subject....


  4. You sound just like me! If Belle ever gets a cold I change her cot sheets on every sleep, drives my hubby mad. I have never tried ginger and turmeric powder with honey and lemon though...another one for my list to try next time :-)